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The MD-2 assault rifle was developed by IMBEL (Industria de Materiel Belico do Brasil). Development began circa 1982, first prototype, named MD-1, appeared in 1983 and final version,named MD-2, came out circa 1985 and later was adopted by Brasilian military. MD-2 started as a simply scaled down FN FAL rifle (manufactured in Brasil under license as IMBEL LAR), but during the design time the FAL locking system (tilting block) was replaced by M16-type rotating bolt. The receiver design is, however, still very similar to FAL. MD-2 is a gas operated, selective fire assault rifle, with rotating bolt locking. Trigger group is mounted into the pistol grip unit, which is hinged to the receiver and folds down and forward for disassembly and maintenance. MD-2 featured side-folding metallic buttstock, MD-3 rifle is similar to the MD-2 but has fixed plastic buttstock. MD-2 uses any M16 style magazines.

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